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Changes to Game Schedules


10/14/22-Home vs Parrish (Homecoming)

10/21/22-Home vs Sarasota (Senior Night) (replacement of Charlotte Game that is canceled)

10/28/22-Away @ Southeast

11/4/22-Away @ Port Charlotte

11/11/22-Depending if district champions will determine if we host this game.

Volleyball team is #1 in the district.

10/17-Bye 1st round

10/18 -Home game-Play winner of Marriner/Parrish (semi-finals) at 7 pm.

10/20-if win semi-final - Home game (District finals).


10/22/22-Districts Saturday, (Clearwater or Tampa)

Cross Country-

10/20/22-Districts - Highlands Sport Complex

10/27/22-Regionals - Ft Myers?

Boys Golf-

10/26-River Wilderness

Girls Golf

10/24/22-Districts-River Wilderness

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