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Weekly Games Update

Wrestling: Jessey Colas is the State Champion in wrestling. He was 71-0 this year! Congratulations to Jessey!! He is the schools 4th State Champion.

Flag Football-2-0, beat Bayshore and district opponent Gibbs last week. Play home Tuesday vs Manatee and away Thursday at Southeast

BEACH Volleyball-is 0-1. We lost against a very deep Charlotte team. We lost 3 - 2. We are very young with only 3 returning starters and one senior playing. We barely lost the match as it came down to a deciding third set in the three's pair.

Tennis-Boys and girls tennis did not have any matches this past week. Boys are 3-1.


Corin Mohammadbhoy placed 1st in High jump - congratulations!

Kohen List: (who held the current record) broke the Javelin throwing record with a measurement of 45.9 meters - another amazing achievement!

Alex den Boggende: broke the Discus Throwing record with a measurement of 39.53 meters and placed 2nd!

Derek placed 3rd in high jump. Boys 4x800 relay played 2nd.

Girls 4x4 placed 2nd.

Baseball-went 2-1 last week, with a big win over Manatee which was live streamed by the district.

Softball-won 2 games last week against county rivals-Southeast and Manatee.

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